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The CA Waterfowlers Hall of Fame (CWHF) was established to recognize those individuals who have made the most significant/outstanding contributions to enhancing the status of waterfowl in California.  A small group of interested waterfowlers were instrumental in establishing CWHF.


The idea for the CWHF came from a conversation between past Presidents of California Waterfowl Association, Ray Lewis and Bill Ready. These men thought it would be a great idea to recognize individuals from the waterfowl community who had made a real difference to waterfowl in California. Their hope was that through this recognition that others would step forward to take up the banner for waterfowl.


The CA Waterfowlers Hall of Fame Selection Committee was formed and met for the first time in January 1999. The committee was made up of a select group of leaders in the waterfowl community and has since added several key members.

Nominating Committee 

John Carlson, Jr. – President, California Waterfowl Association

Dan Connelly – Conservation Solutions, Principal

Yancey Forest-Knowles – Past Chairman of the Board, California Waterfowl Association

Bill Gaines – Principal, Gaines and Associates

Red Hunt – Retired, California Department of Fish & Game

Gary Kramer – Retired US Fish & Wildlife Service, Wildlife Photographer & Author

Robert McLandres, Ph.D. – Associate in Waterfowl Management, University of California Davis

Glenn Olson – Donoal O’Brien Chair, National Audubon Society

Fritz Reid, Ph.D. – Director of Boreal and Arctic Conservation, Ducks Unlimited

Melanie Weaver - California Department of Fish & Game, Wildlife Biologist

Dan Yparraguirre – Retired, Deputy Director for Wildlife and Fisheries Division, California

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